Why do I need RoomOnline?

To not miss any opportunity from your own website. We create pages with custom and scalable designs. Our Content Manager (CMS) allows to edit 100% of the website and keep it up to date in a simple and intuitive way.

  • More than 75% of travelers plan their vacation online

  • Improve communication with your guests

  • Reduce commissions by increasing direct sales

What does RoomOnline offer me?

  • Custom design

  • Easy and intuitive Content Manager so you can edit it yourself

  • Responsive system that adapts to all devices (Tablet, Mobile, PC)

  • Simple 3-Step booking process

  • Secure payment in PCI DSS environment

  • POSSIBILITY to modify or cancel bookings online

  • Integration with the PMS

  • Multi-language and multi-currency

  • Private access for agencies

  • Flat rate BUSINESS MODEL, no commissions or surcharges

Integrated services and connectivities


  • Meta I/O

  • Derbysoft

  • Mirai

  • Seekda

Marketing online

  • Wihp Hotels

  • The hotels Network

  • Affilired

  • Hotellinking

  • OTA Insight

  • Myhotelshop

  • Criteo

  • TPV Booking


  • Hijiffy

  • Quicktext


  • Travelcompositor

  • Netactica

  • Wozozo

Why Dingus?

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