The catalogue of connectivity offered by Dingus to our customers has just grown with two important additions, one for the Balearic Islands and the other for the entire Caribbean area.

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In recent weeks we have integrated Alltheywant, the French-Spanish receptive specialist in boutique hotels, luxury hotels and the holiday and family segments. The expert has placed the tourism experience at the centre of his strategy thanks to modern and dynamic practices, which involve permanent attention to the tourism market. Specialising in the Balearic Islands, the incoming agency displays a know-how recognised by all its clients, especially for its creativity and the diversity of its offers. In fact, for its two main destinations in the Balearic Islands (Mallorca and Menorca), in addition to responding to all types of requests from establishments in different segments, they offer combined and special tours for the weekend, as well as transfer and assistance services.

For our Caribbean hotel clients, the new addition is the Colombian wholesaler CIC Travel. The multi-destination operator works with more than 1,300 international suppliers and aims to become the leading operator in offering products with excellent value for money. With more than 20 years of experience in the tourist world, the wholesaler is specialized in the holiday segment, corporate travel, groups, incentives, golf, fairs, congresses and meeting planning.

CIC Travel maintains its business strategy focused on excellence as a leading wholesale tourism company in each region where it operates, integrating the most important players in the industry and shaping a tourism product for each market segment.