The constant work to integrate with Dingus the main operators, consolidators and tourist portals of the market, allows us to announce now the connectivity with Classic Vacations for our clients.

The supplier, belonging to Expedia Group, has established itself as the number one in luxury holidays through travel consultants for over 30 years.  It specializes in the destinations of Hawaii, Mexico, Europe, South Pacific and the Caribbean, where it offers a wide range of first class establishments. From the channel itself they have indicated to Dingus their conviction that our clients in the Caribbean area, especially “are going to benefit greatly from this connectivity, as it is aimed at the luxury sector and between 80 and 85% of sales are located in accommodations of 4*, 5* or higher”. Classic Vacations is a wholesaler committed to “driving innovation and using technology to differentiate ourselves”. In this sense, we value very positively that they have chosen us to expand their commercial capacity.

Dingus currently has more than 235 active channels (which in more than 60% of cases use our own API), with all the solvency of our connectivity. These are certified with the quality and reliability criteria demanded by the high volume of transactions generated daily: in 2018 the sale we manage was 3,500 M€, taking into account that we can only value 65% of the reserves.

Our partners know that we adapt to all types of connectivity that exist, and that we have Pull and Push standards that conform to the most demanding criteria of any channel. More than a way to solve the online sale, we consolidate as an online solution to solve the global sale of the hotel.