• The recognition as a Premier Partner has been made official within the framework of the International Tourism Fair of Madrid. Dingus and Booking.com managers have met in Fitur to advance in a relationship whose final beneficiary is always the hotel.
  • The Connectivity Partner program of the travel and accommodation platform thus considers Dingus Premier provider “our best and most valuable connectivity service providers”.

This 2020 has come with Booking.com’s decision to award us the highest category of its Connectivity Partner program. Becoming a Premier Partner means that we have passed a demanding scoring plan that begins in the Standard category, continues with the Advanced level, and concludes (if reached), with a Premier that places us among “the best connectivity service providers and the most valuable” for the platform, thanks to the superior quality of the connectivity.

Booking.com highlights that this project seeks to “ensure that our collaboration with connectivity service providers helps accommodations to see their business grow at all times. And to maintain these collaborations of the highest quality, Connectivity Partners encourages -precisely providers such as Dingus- to carry out concrete actions that benefit the accommodations they work with”.

Business value (how much business a connectivity provider generates), hosting performance (how well providers help, whether by driving revenue, conversion or other indicators), products and quality, and commitment are the four different areas rated by Booking.com for achieving a level of Premier. In this way, the hotel can learn from Booking.com’s technology providers “what overall performance reflects their level, helping them identify which one can best fit their business model“.

  • Booking.com y Dingus en Fitur 2020
  • Booking.com y Dingus en Fitur 2020

The meeting at Fitur was attended by Booking.com’s Nick Knuppe (responsible for the new Revenue Share program for Premier Partners); Javier Rodríguez (Area Manager of the Las Palmas, Malaga and Seville offices); Laura Leon (Connectivity Manager Business Manager) and Lorena Bourg (commercial deals)

An important endorsement of our commitment to quality connectivity

The CEO and co-founder of Dingus considers this accreditation to be an endorsement of the company’s connectivity policy. Jaume Monserrat recalls that “we do not only prioritise integrations that are relevant for the hotel in terms of production volume, opening of markets or strategic issues, among others, but we also try to get the most out of them in terms of functionality, quality and optimisation. Booking.com’s Partner Premier level recognizes both the quality of the integration and the commitment to always provide it with more functionality, which translates into more effective connectivity and better sales for the hotel”.

Milena Galindo (Business Development Manager-API Market of Dingus) advances that this seal, besides giving us access to an even closer collaboration with the distributor and its world market, “endorses us as a company and reinforces the value of working on the knowledge of the business and the effectiveness of the connectivities that we are continuously including in the catalogue. At the rate of one new one, practically, per week. And all this increase in volume, agility and quality has to do with the fact of having our own API”.

Partner Premier = teamwork

Beyond what this new level means in the relationship between Dingus and Booking.com, and what it implies for our customers (current and future), we want to offer the recognition to all the Dingus and Etoolinnovation team. It has been the effort and involvement of all departments and professionals at Hitt Group that has allowed us to get this far, to work together with our partner on the objectives of improving integration, establishing a closer business relationship and increasing the adoption of their APIs.