Havanatur is the leading International Group of Tour Operators and Travel Agencies in the promotion and marketing of tourism products in Cuba, the largest of the Antilles. The new integration of Dingus® has a market share of more than 20%, with commercial partners in the main issuers to the destination.

Connectivity is Push and the data shared is for price/availability updates and booking.

Where do guests arrive at your hotel with Havanatur?

Canada, United States, Mexico, Bahamas, Chile, Argentina, Spain, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany and Russia.

What is the hotel contracting destination?



Why Operadora Ticket choose to integrate with Dingus®?

“The integration provides us with real-time customer service, improves product distribution in our channels by having real-time rates, availability and room blocking in the PMS.”


Dingus® connectivities

We are dedicated to each of these integrations with the aim of achieving maximum profitability, integrating and maintaining all the functionalities required by our customers and partners. We do this using the Dingus® API, based on standard protocols, to adapt to the technical, commercial and operational needs of each distribution channel, optimising it for the more than 1,400 hotels connected and 380,000 rooms available.

Strategy: hotel-Dingus®-partner

As a technology partner, we actively listen to hoteliers to understand their needs and objectives, as well as to distribution channels with their own motivations, growth objectives in target destinations, diversification and expansion of their market… We seek to align a strategy for all, based on innovation to ensure the most advanced and competitive product offering, business knowledge in tourism and technology, expansion and internationalisation.


Cristina Torres. Dircom Dingus®