The catalogue of hotels connected to Dingus® in Mexico is growing in Huatulco, state of Oxaca. This is a tourist region with white sandy beaches on the Pacific coast, consisting of nine bays, including Santa Cruz. It is home to the Hotel Binninguenda Huatulco All Inclusive and Beach Club. Known as the first hotel built in Huatulco, ‘it was designed to accommodate explorers attracted by the destination’s pristine beaches’.

In 2012 it was meticulously redesigned ‘to retain its incredible historic character and provide a new level of luxury and comfort’. The hotel has 107 rooms, 3 restaurants and ‘welcoming public spaces with attention to detail’.

The other addition to Dingus® in the area is the Nirú Oceans Suites by Binniguenda,, located on the edge of a cliff ‘with panoramic views of Santa Cruz Bay and the endless Pacific Ocean. Each suite features an innovative modular design with multiple configurations’ providing flexibility in the space available to suit the needs.


Trust in Dingus®


More than 1,400 hotels with more than 380,000 available rooms already rely on our technology, which in 2023 generated more than 11 million bookings and 600 million room nights. We provide access to Dingus+T®, the business platform with a complete 360 distribution proposal for the hotel to design and optimise its marketing strategy in a flexible and efficient way.


Cristina Torres. Dircom Dingus®