Throughout the summer we have continued to expand the client family of our technology solutions. In the Balearic Islands, for example, we have received the confidence of the Hotel Son Bauló, who has opted for speed, simplicity and efficiency: three great advantages we offer with BookinCenter and PMSconnect.

Located in the northeast of Majorca, between a park and a nature reserve, the hotel has two large terraces-solariums and one of them leads directly to the extraordinary beach of Son Bauló, from which the establishment takes its name. For location, facilities and services, we are convinced that the Son Bauló hotel is having an extraordinary season. What we hope is to have been the technological provider of the best resources to manage their day to day business successfully.

With BookinCenter, the Hotel Son Bauló can control from a single environment the contracts with the sales channels integrating under one operation its conditions and peculiarities. With PMSConnect it gain – above all – time, since the reserves are obtained quickly and safely, integrating into the management system without the need for manual entry.

In a summer as intense as this one, we can not fail to emphasize the endorsement of the connectivity that allows the Dingus catalog of solutions for everything that has to do with the commercialization and sale. And also that, thanks to our customers (new and veterans), every day we aspire to do better.