Our clients already know that Bookincenter covers the largest number of OTAs, bed banks, agencies and all sales and management channels with absolute parity, which is what the market requires at the moment. With only one load of tariffs and inventory, all of them are reached simultaneously, being able to modify the prices in the same period several times, and avoiding the time and work that otherwise would suppose an increase of tariffs in different extranets….

Simplifying, optimizing and making profitable are three of the main objectives that can be faced with Bookincenter, a Dingus product that continues to expand in the destinations where we operate. BiC is the technological solution for processing all aspects of online sales and distribution and, when connected to the PMSconnect management software, simplifies the administrative and commercial management of the establishment.

Therefore, Labranda Hotels & Resorts and Blue Sea Hotels have decided to increase the number of establishments incorporated into BiC and PMSconnect.  Thus, the hotels of both hotel companies located on this occasion in Cuba, Gambia, Gran Canaria and Mallorca, have the technology to simplify commercial and administrative management, ensuring that the inventory of availability is updated in real time.

From Dingus we welcome Cayo Santa María, Coral Beach Resort, Varadero Resort, Karaiba and Parque Paraíso II (Labranda Hotels & Resorts) and Es Bolero, Ses Cases D’Or and Cala Millor of Blue Sea Hotels, with the commitment to facilitate the management of the distribution with speed, simplicity and efficiency.

Thanks to confidence in our products and services, we already work with more than 1,100 hotels in 25 countries and maintain more than 15,500 active connectivities with more than 350 distributors, managing more than 17,000 daily bookings.