• The Turkish group MetGlobal with its B2B HotelsPro channel and the British tour operator Classic Collection, in our portfolio of connected channels

Dingus’ customers in Spain and the Caribbean now have the possibility to connect with two important additions to our channel offering. This is the case of MetGlobal and its B2B conduit for global recruitment agencies, HotelsPro. The Turkish group presents itself as “a world-leading technological power, with the aim of providing people and companies with simplified experiences that improve productivity through multiple online efficiency tools”. Applying these principles, HotelsPro has reached 500,000 hotels and its online booking system for agencies and tour operators is used by thousands of professionals in the sector. The B2B with origin in Turkey already has offices in Cancun for the whole Caribbean and Latin America, as well as personnel in Spain dedicated to the national destination, Portugal and Andorra, areas of expansion integrated in the global project to cover more than 15,000 destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, South America and North America.

As for the Classic Collection, the British tour operator specialises in luxury travel. In fact, the wholesaler describes his offer as “an example of personalized attention, maximum flexibility in the schedules and routes of displacement, the value of offering the most competitive prices and the tranquility that a reservation with Classic Collection implies having an expert willing to help in case of any unforeseen event”. The tour operator guarantees that its four- and five-star luxury hotels have been carefully selected for their location, sophistication and first-class service for those who choose to travel with their families or as adults only.


With these new connections we reinforce the catalogue available to our clients in Spanish and Caribbean destinations. Precisely in Dingus Mexico, the last working meeting between the company’s delegations in Mallorca and Cancun has just been held. CEO Jaume Monserrat has confirmed the good progress of the activity in the Caribbean destinations, where many of our clients contribute to Mexico’s becoming “the sixth world tourism power, since it has climbed from fifteenth place in just a few years, in terms of the number of international visitors. This means that 10 million direct and indirect jobs are being generated in an industry where foreign investment exceeds 175 billion dollars. It is clear, Monserrat concludes, that Dingus’ commitment to the Mexican Caribbean has been successful and it only remains to continue consolidating a market here that we continue to provide with innovation and technology for better hotel marketing”.