• The new integration allows the hotels in our client catalogue to reach more agencies and operators in the German market, in addition to having information and control over the distribution in more than 6,000 German travel agencies

“We can now offer a wide variety of key ‘sun and beach’ products, which means we can start offering services to leading players at dynamic prices for products that are not being offered at the moment. Also with a high profit for hotels, as they can now control prices and sell last-minute rooms or special types of rooms to German-speaking TTOOs“. With these words, Ole Fisker (Managing Director/Spain) refers to the recent integration of Connected Destination with Dingus, a connectivity we put into production this July.

About the company, Fisker himself says that while Trafficsis one of the main players in the German technology market, able to connect to the entire German-speaking market, Connected Destination is the link for hotels to offer dynamic pricing to tour operators, travel agencies and OTAs. 20 years in the market have allowed us to stand out and be highly recognized for our highly developed technology“.

From Dingus we want to emphasize that this new integration allows our customers to reach more agencies and operators in the German market, in addition to “obtain information and control over the distribution in more than 60,000 German travel agencies, which we consider a valuable potential for hotels that rely on our technology”.

More about Connected Destination by Traffics

Connected Destination was founded by a team of experts in tourism and Travel Tech, as well as investors from Germany. They all have decades of professional experience in various fields of industry and an excellent network of contacts. Headquartered in Berlin and Palma de Mallorca, CD develops and distributes technical solutions for the centralized digitization of the global supplier/client process of a tourist destination. We talk about providers such as hotel rooms, apartments, villas, sports activities, bicycle rentals, boats, etc., digitized and displayed in real time at all online points of sale.

In addition, cooperation with governments in the target area allows tourist offices and city councils in the regions to digitize their information and offers, placing them on the global Connected Destination platform for sales channels.

Traffics, the technology company based in the German capital, has been betting for 20 years on innovative solutions in the tourism business and is a recognized player in the sector, mainly due to its advanced multi-channel travel technology. The traffic portfolio includes its own full-CRS tourism system with direct access to approximately 200 tour operators and service providers. Currently, about 10,000 customers use the services of the technology company, which is one of the country’s leading providers of reservation systems, consulting and reservations. This system is used by thousands of travel agencies, as well as numerous renowned travel portals, airlines, hotels and tour operators.