Dingus welcomes the catalogue of channels available to SolBooking, a B2C that, in the words of our Business Development Manager-API Market, Milena Galindo “puts the focus on holiday hotels in Spain and Mexico, something that aligns it completely with the typology of customers of our brand and represents an integration that will bring value to the hotels that trust us“.

From the reservations portal, the operations director considers that this integration will contribute “to the growth that the company has programmed for 2019”. Barbara Palacios considers it a great advance for her department in particular and SolBooking in general, since “all the hotels we had with Dingus were waiting for this connection, which will result in a significant increase in own product on the SolBooking website”.

An offer with lots of sunshine

SolBooking was born in 2014 in Malaga as a portal specializes exclusively in holiday coastal tourism. They define themselves as “the first company to take back a tourist who is looking for the sun, the beach and relax” and have as their premise that “somewhere in the world it is always summer”.

SolBooking was recognized in 2017 by the city of Malaga as one of the companies that generated more employment during that year, and among its recent milestones highlights the penetration of international markets with the incorporation of new destinations in its hotel establishments.

Like Dingus, the channel has opted to open an office in Cancun because it is “a top destination, epicenter of business relations and with a good connection to become a hub in America, between Latin America and large markets such as the U.S.”.