The online sales channel ‘Viajes para ti’ debuts in Dingus’ customer connectivity catalogue with a contribution that multiplies by three, as its three brands are included in the integration. They are as follows: Online travel agency specialized in skiing (hotel+forfait packages) and mountain tourism. After 16 years in the market, it has specialized in destinations such as Andorra, the Catalan Pyrenees, Aragonese, French, Sierra Nevada and the French Alps. Also online, they’ve been offering travel prices that fit every pocket for 8 years. For this, instead of offering all destinations, they focus on closed travel packages with specific dates and at the best prices. In this strategy their suppliers (hotels, tour operators, shipping companies, etc.) collaborate with significant discounts for the end customer. New hotel search engine with a portfolio of more than 20,000 accommodations in Spain, Portugal, Andorra and France. The website was launched in 2017 “at the request of many of our clients, with the idea of offering adjusted prices without diminishing the attention 365 to the traveller”.

Thanks to these three lines of business, Viajes para ti integrates with Dingus with a strong profile of a young, dynamic company, passionate about travel and tourism, as well as an important commitment to innovation.

About Dingus’ connectivities:

They are an essential and strategic part of our business model, and for that reason we devote ourselves to each of them intensively, ensuring not only that they meet the needs and priorities of our customers, but also that they offer the maximum of functionality and profitability possible. In addition to the sales and distribution channels, Dingus, as the hotel’s technological partner for commercial management, considers connectivity to range from services added to the web (such as chatbots and sales reinforcement messages), to tools for managing sales, reservations and collections.