Blue Diamond Resorts has recently contracted with Dingus Mexico for our Bookincenter and PMSreservation services for 17 of its properties in the main Caribbean destinations of Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Antigua and St. Lucia.

With this alliance between the hotel group and Dingus as a technology provider, Blue Diamond Resorts wants to explore all the possibilities of the connectivity we offer for LATAM, as one of its objectives is to enhance these markets and reach potential customers in Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, among others.

Blue Diamond Resorts is the hotel division of the Canadian tour operator Sunwing Travel Group, with more than 11 years of history in the hotel industry and 20 years in the tourism industry, since 2002 as Sunwing and since 2011 as Blue Diamond. Today they have 45 properties with more than 15,000 rooms in 10 different destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean.

With this commitment to Dingus by the hotel chain, we see our commitment to connect with the largest number of channels (currently more than 500) that help diversify and expand the sales capabilities of the hotels that rely on our technology recognised. In this case, the interest for the Caribbean area of tour operators that send travellers from Latin America is confirmed.

Dingus has its own integration protocols to adapt to the technical, commercial and operational needs of each sales channel, making the most of the functionalities of our tools. And as we are constantly adapting them according to the needs of the market and our customers, we have the agility to transfer these product and market advances to our integrations.

Bookincenter: Dingus’ business platform, constantly evolving to become the most advanced on the market. It integrates all the functionalities in a single environment, managing the personalised sale that we propose: a client, a situation, an opportunity. BiC can be used not only as a Channel Manager, but also as a CRS so that each hotel, depending on its marketing strategy and channel mix, can manage and control all reservations from a single technological environment.

PMSreservations: download reservations to the hotel’s own management system (PMS), provided that the hotel has integrated our APIs and is certified with Dingus for this purpose.


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