• Managing innovation, understood as the application of knowledge, means betting on constant development and continuous improvement. As a declaration of intentions, that’s fine, isn’t it? But what does it mean in practice? How do we ensure our customers a constantly evolving and improved service, to meet needs and expectations? The answer is simple: devoting a good portion of our time and efforts to ‘understand’ each other with the partners that provide the greatest value to the hotel business strategy. And, therefore, to the connectivities that best fit the plans of the clients in Dingus’ portfolio.

A few months ago we started the liberalization of APIs of our own Market Integrator strategy, starting with the one that allows third party systems to send contract conditions (prices, availability and restrictions) to Dingus from the PMS and previous certification of the Property Management System. The fact that it is an application developed by Dingus, provides guarantees of security, traceability and, very importantly, compatibility with all the functionalities of contract management with the hotel has with our CRS.

Currently, in addition to the systems connected to API Contracting for sending prices and availability to Dingus, more than 14 (between PMS and RMS) are in development, certification and/or pilot phases. Working on all these integrations is a commitment to offer hotels the possibility of working with their availability in real time, and in a fully automated process, which facilitates the management of contracts.

Therefore, for Dingus it is a luxury to announce the incorporation of MasterYield into our connectivities, with a bidirectional integration, both of down bookings and sending quotas and prices from the PMS to Dingus. MasterYield offers an integral tool for the management of tourist establishments, making it an easy and intuitive task. In this way “owners can invest more time, with no extra effort, for guests to live unique experiences”. One of its strong points is PMS VIVO and “the constant updating and integration with the best solutions on the market in order to offer our clients a unique tool“. And all this with 24-hour service every day of the year, to ensure the proper functioning of the establishments with which they operate.

About MasterYield

Headquartered in the business center Altos del Higuerón (Malaga) MasterYield is a company dedicated to research and development of computer applications for modern hotel management. All adapted to the current needs of a highly competitive sector, which has known how to “adapt to the latest marketing and sales techniques, bringing together the latest advances in revenue management”. According to our partners, an optimal PMS has to have multiple connectivity, or “be able to integrate into the system the tools that are already used in the hotel, such as channel manager, booking engine, accounting program, etc. If you are satisfied with your current tools, don’t change them! Simply connect them to your new PMS


And if you want to know more about what this alliance between PMS MasterYield and Channel Manager Dingus means for your hotel, click here to access the web site that our partners have launched to offer you all the advantages of this integration.