Expanding the distribution map and offering the hotel an ecosystem of sales possibilities that is as wide and efficient as possible is a priority for Dingus. We work intensely so that our clients have all the options to increase and make profitable the commercialization, especially in a moment in which the reactivation is not so much an alternative, but a true challenge for the viability of the hotel business. We would also like to highlight that the commitment to incorporate new channels responds to the interest of operators in working with the hotels in our portfolio. So we must thank both of them for the increase in connectivity that we have achieved together. These are the recent additions:

OTA Insight: enables hoteliers to make the smartest revenue and distribution decisions through its suite of cloud-based business intelligence solutions. The platform integrates with other industry tools, encompassing hotel property management systems, leading RMS solutions and data benchmarking providers. They have “international experts in locations in the UK, USA, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, Australia and India, supporting over 50,000 properties in 168 countries. In 2019 the Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track ranked OTA Insight 17th out of the 100 fastest growing private technology companies in the UK“, increasing its recognition as a leader in business intelligence in the hospitality sector.

HiJiffy: chatbot developed with Artificial Intelligence and communication platform for hotels. This 2020, the Portuguese startup has received the award ‘Innovative Solutions in Tourism’ from the World Tourism Organization and Globalia, thanks to its proposal to centralize, automate and measure all hotel customer service activities. From this new connectivity in the Dingus catalogue, they highlight that their chatbot “understands the guests’ queries and sends an instant response, helping them to check availability dates, rates and to book a room”. HiJiffy integrates with most of the applications and communication channels used daily, and currently has over 500 customers in more than 30 countries

Set Travel DMC: receptive travel agency located in Calella and specialized in the Iberian Peninsula. Its offer includes coasts in Catalonia and Andalusia, specific products for groups of young people and students, tailor-made circuits throughout Spain, and a wide catalogue of events adapted to every need. For this last objective, in 2018 Settin’ was constituted in view of “the growing demand from our clients to make possible the organization of company events”. They point out that “not only MICE is important, and we have carried out important events, sporting, folkloric or of a special nature such as presentations, seminars, talks and readings, etc”. The personal touch of Set Travel is achieved by a “team of people who are dedicated to tourism by vocation. In this era of digitalization and automation, we claim the human and personal touch necessary in our sector. Because when you enjoy what you do, you make your clients enjoy”.

Grupo Online: the tourism wholesaler works on providing differential value in each operation, considering at all times innovation and speed of response, with products and services suited to each need and market preference. His intention, he says, is “to achieve this by contributing to the knowledge of destinations around the world… promoting unique experiences in each tour and, of course, adding strategic possibilities for our customers, generating a favorable environment at all times with the market and our partners”. Their commitments include trust, enthusiasm, proactivity and integrity. They claim to have been the first in online reservations, emphasizing that innovation is one of their main premises, so they constantly reinvent their online platforms “adapting technology to the needs of each client” and work with Argentina, Chile, America and Europe, as well as specialize in exotic destinations.