Approaching each integration from a business perspective is a Dingus strategy to ensure that the connectivities in our portfolio are always optimised and geared to maximise the benefits for hotels and increase competitiveness by optimising market criteria. The result: increased sales for our customers.

In addition, we maintain corporate relationships as a partnership with the channels that make up our distribution map, constantly reviewing commercial, operational and technical aspects of integration. All of this so that they translate into more and/or better sales options for customers, and we are also committed to giving visibility to the functionalities that the channels offer for this purpose. This business and service policy has allowed us to become a Premier Partner for the second consecutive year.

At this time of tourist reactivation, still conditioned by the pandemic and its health, social and economic consequences, an increase in searches and advance sale bookings is expected. In fact, the search indicators of Dingus DataHotel show that, of the bookings confirmed during the last month, 62.7% were booked more than 30 days in advance. Therefore, we believe that you may be interested in the proposals of this channel.

What makes travellers choose to book at your hotel? says that “convenience and choice are important, but our research shows that flexibility and a great price are most important now. And while some travellers plan ahead to save money, some book at the last minute, and others will pay more for greater flexibility if their plans change”.

Configuring your fare plans is the first step towards a solid pricing base that meets these different needs. Offering a mix of rate plans can help you attract a wide variety of travellers and make the most of demand. Our data shows that you will get the best occupancy results if your hotel combines three rate plans: fully flexible, non-refundable and pre-bookable. On average, accommodations that activate all three see a 5% increase in bookings, an 11% increase in visibility and a 9% reduction in cancellations”.

The channel states that “the early booking rate helps to boost occupancy at the beginning of the season, attracting customers who book their trips well in advance and therefore recommends “setting this promotion for a minimum of 15 days in advance of check-in”.

Dingus proposes to value the opportunity to take advantage of the functionalities of our integrations, in this case, so that our clients can turn the rates for each occasion, recipient and booking channel into a competitive advantage. We hope you find this information useful.


Cristina Torres. Communication