Hotels using the Dingus reservation system can already integrate Quicktext to facilitate their sales process and benefit from Zalia: the powerful chatbot designed to make real-time quotes, show availability, price and photos of rooms. The payment of the reservation is made in the secure environment of Dingus, Book&Payment, to ensure respect and compliance with PCI-DSS rules.

For Quicktext, collaboration with Dingus “goes beyond simple connectivity. Dingus is a leading booking engine in holiday space, so Zalia chatbot has evolved for the holiday hotel market with the ability to capture booking requests with flexible dates, groups, all-inclusive requests, upgrades and children’s activities”.

Both companies, Dingus and Quicktext, understand that “when it comes to planning their holidays, customers expect personalized attention. However, according to experts in Artificial Intelligence for the hospitality industry, with properties of hundreds or thousands of rooms it is not easy to serve everyone, at all times. Zalia does it: it directly handles frequently asked questions and booking requests with the help of Dingus. When a question requires human attention, Zalia transfers it to the hotel team“.

The potential of a chatbot for the hotel could be summarized in the ability to improve the customer service system, eliminating barriers in direct bookings. In the case of Zalia, the Quicktext figures speak for themselves: it responds to 77% of customer requests. 17% of chats become bookings and record 15 times more interactions than with a human.

About Zalia and Quicktext:

Zalia is a powerful chatbot powered by IA and trained for hospitality, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It does this by serving online in 8 languages, although it is constantly learning new ones and evolving to better serve the needs of the market. It manages up to 80% of customer interactions and allows to focus on complex, high-value interactions. It has been designed based on Quicktext’s philosophy to “make it easy for every hotel in the world to harness the power of instant communications and artificial intelligence”.

About Dingus’ connectivities:

They are an essential and strategic part of our company: a real asset to which we devote ourselves intensively to ensure that they meet the needs and priorities of our customers, offering the best possible functionality and profitability.

At Dingus we consider connectivity from services added to the web (such as chatbots and sales reinforcement messages), to sales management tools, reservations and collections, through sales and distribution channels. And with our own integration protocols that allow us to adapt to the technical, commercial and operational requirements of each sales channel.

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