• Six minutes, three hundred sixty seconds to tell hoteliers around the world what they can expect from Dingus as a technology provider for distribution… On December 2nd we had the opportunity to participate in the Hospitality Marketplace promoted by HyperGuest, Palladium Hotel Group, Travel Singularity and FunnelTV

During four days and through the FunnelTV network, which broadcasts simultaneously on LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook, hoteliers from all over the world had the opportunity to connect online with technology providers who are developing and/or applying the latest trends in the tourism sector. Dingus participated in the second day, dedicated to distribution (the other three were focused on Revenue Management, Operations and Marketing), with the #Justpitchit of our Connectivity & Partnership Manager in Slovenia ‘MarketPlace & Business Platform to meet the industry’s envolving needs’. In a little less than six minutes, the limit established for the presentations of the participating companies, Milena Galindo summarized that Dingus understands the ecosystem of integrations that we offer as a marketplace that goes beyond the sales channels and that includes Marketing, Business Intelligence, management tools, payment gateways, etc. And all this at a time when the travel and accommodation industry is facing challenges that have to do with the complexity of distribution, the dynamism in technology or the strong impact of external causes, such as the pandemic and its consequences”.

The value proposal defended by Galindo, which you can see and hear between the minutes 1:30:39 and 1:41:50 of the session video by clicking here, was focused on the distribution strategy and the business platform that Dingus represents for the hotelier. The first is based “on APIs and open innovation, with its possibilities of fast and flexible integration, which exponentially increases our distribution capacity, connection reliability and traceability. As for the second, the  functionalities 360 of Dingus were outlined to cover everything from strategy and contracting to sales and reservation management “with payment policies that allow the management of these to be automated, reducing risks thanks to compliance with the PCI security standard”. And all this applying Data Intelligence to achieve a business model “that provides our clients with high value solutions thanks to better profitability and a higher volume of bookings“.

Integration synergies

The second part of the participation time, which actually amounted to 12 minutes for each provider (six for the presentation and another six for the questions and answers), was an open session with the assigned panel of judges from among more than 20 sector professionals. In the words of Milena Galindo “in addition to having a very dynamic format and promoting conversations on relevant topics, this event has allowed us to meet or strengthen relationships with other companies that offer technological solutions to hotels, and to be able to propose integration synergies. The truth is that participation in the Hospitality Marketplace is totally aligned with one of the pillars of our integration policy: the willingness to integrate with systems that provide complementary solutions and generate value for the hotelier, in terms of distribution strategy, operations or commercial management”. Dingus always approaches an integration from a business point of view, of how this can benefit the hotel in its maximum potential.

We thank HyperGuest, Palladium Hotel Group, Travel Singularity and FunnelTV for the invitation to participate in this virtual meeting, designed to inspire the hotel and technology sectors.