• The exceptional moment that tourism is going through because of the Covid-19 has led our new clients to develop The Majestic Mission™: a commitment to safety that includes new protocols to raise the standards of quality and cleanliness

Headquartered in Spain, Majestic Resorts continues its plans to be a benchmark as a “high-end hotel brand, specializing in seniors and couples, focused on luxury and excellence in the Caribbean, offering exclusive areas for adults, a ratio of 1.5 employees per room, 24-hour room service, or butler service, among others”.

From the hotel company they assure that Majestic Resorts has always stood out for “instilling a strong sense of customer service” at the heart of its resorts, the result of which has been a product that is distinguished by “a real all-inclusive, with quality cuisine, dream locations on the front line of some of the most wonderful places in the Caribbean, such as Playa Bavaro and Costa Mujeres, or the great adaptability of the brand to the needs of customers”. Precisely for this reason, they have designed The Majestic Mission™, the commitment to address the Covid-19 crisis “with new protocols to further raise our quality and cleanliness standards, backed by third-party certification and guidance from the WHO (World Health Organization), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local health ministries”.

Our new customers, who are adding four hotels to Dingus technology solutions, insist that as the world changes, we are prepared to rapidly evolve our procedures on an ongoing basis, and will share the latest developments as they are implemented. For the time being, they already have measures in place to ensure safety, without sacrificing quality of service and excellence in care.

Bookincenter: one client, one situation, one opportunity

With BiC, Majestic Resorts hotels have the most advanced platform in the market when it comes to integrating all the functionalities into a single environment, managing the personalized sale: one client, one situation, one opportunity. With PMSreservations the hotel can download the reservations to its management system (PMS), provided that it has integrated our API and is certified with Dingus for that purpose.

Dingus reminds its clients of the advantages of using Bookincenter not only as a Channel Manager, but also as a Reservation Center so that each hotel, depending on its marketing strategy and channel mix, can manage and control all reservations from a single platform. The option ‘Promotion Management’ is especially interesting in the current scenario, because it turns the hotel into the main driver of demand, by transferring its strategy and pricing tactics to the customer without depending on the behavior of other players in the tourism market. This way you can get more out of your product, giving it more added value, differentiating yourself in the channels you decide, and offering personalized experiences and services.