“A bike trip around the world starts with a pedal and a click”. This description captures the essence of Luxom Cycling Holidays, the new connectivity for hotels connected to Dingus®, now available. It is a platform that is complemented by a traditional cycling tour operator, offering guided tours to customers simply by booking with them.

After more than 20 years in the sector, digitalisation is “the key to increasing the number of customers and new destinations. We want to deseasonalise the season in Mallorca“. They offer the ‘Cycling Unlimited’ experience, which “starts with the possibility of organising, previewing and booking the cycling trip from a single web portal. You can choose where you want to stay, choose from all the bikes from our suppliers and the transport you want, and we will accompany you at all stages of the journey, even providing information on the weather, temperatures, events we sponsor… At the destination, we personally ensure that the traveller is welcomed and is always surrounded by the best professionals in the sector to offer the level and quality of the route you need“.

Where do guests arrive at your hotel with Luxcom Cycling Holidays?

From Germany, Luxembourg and England

What are the hotel contracting destinations?


What does the integration with Dingus® bring to Luxcom Cycling Holidays?

“The ability to streamline the booking process, both for us and our hotel partners”


Connectivity is an essential and strategic part of Dingus®.

We work hard on each of them to ensure that they not only meet the needs and priorities of our customers, but also provide maximum functionality and cost-effectiveness. As the hotel’s technological partner for commercial management – from availability distribution to booking management – and taking into account all the technological developments in the sector, we consider connectivity from services added to the web (such as chatbots and sales reinforcement messages) to sales, booking and payment management tools, as well as sales and distribution channels.

We have our own integration protocols that allow us to adapt to the technical, commercial and operational needs of each sales channel, making the most of the functionality of our tools. And because we are constantly evolving them to meet the needs of the market and our customers, we are agile in translating these product and market developments into our integrations. By opting for integrations based on our APIs, we achieve greater integration agility and the addition of distribution channels to our portfolio of over 500 connections. With more than 1,300 hotels in 28 countries and 51 destinations on 5 continents, we manage more than 2 billion product searches per month.

And with the Dingus® DataHotel analytics platform…

Extracts value from data generated from hotel bookings and searches. It enables you to analyse and evaluate data from multiple sources to gain better insight into sales performance and future trends. This facilitates decision making based on real data and information.


Cristina Torres. Corporate communication and media relations