• Above all, travellers (24%) value the possibility of getting a full refund for cancelled hotel bookings. But this varies by generational group, with younger travellers less focused on price and refunds.

This is reflected in the 2021 User Priority Index from our partners Expedia Group, so “flexibility is one of the highest priorities for travellers right now, with more than a third of respondents saying they filter for refundable cancellation policies when searching for accommodation on travel booking websites”.

For this reason, the platform states that if you do not include refundable rates “you will not appear in a third of the searches on Expedia Group portals”, and stresses that “a flexible policy can make a big difference when it comes to travellers booking at your establishment… or at a different one”.

Including these policies will display the text “free cancellation” in search results on Expedia’s websites, and so “your ad will appear visually prominent, which will also help you stand out from your competitors. With refundable rates, travellers will feel more confident to book at your property in case there is a change of plans,” concurring with the report and its conclusion that this is now the traveller’s top priority.

In addition, and on the intention to travel:

  • 56% say that new experiences are the main benefit of this activity.
  • 48% say it is to achieve physical and mental well-being.
  • 51% value travel as an effort to learn about other cultures and communities.
  • And 33% of those surveyed by Expedia say they use travel to become a more complete person.

We provide you with these tips from Expedia so that you can evaluate the opportunity to take advantage of the functionalities of this integration and turn every occasion, recipient and booking channel into a competitive advantage for your hotel.


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