One of the main objectives of Dingus is the commitment to connect with as many channels as possible to help diversify and expand the sales capabilities of hotels that rely on our technology. And with that perspective, the connectivity department works intensively to facilitate the incorporation of the main and most varied tour operators. Thus, in recent weeks we have added to the portfolio three examples of this global strategy in Spain (Canary Islands), Mexico and Sweden.

Viajes Meridiano Canarias is a receptive company with more than 25 years of experience and a great diversity of accommodation and activities in Tenerife. The agency represents all Tour Operators and has a complete team of specialists in tourist services and incentive groups to guarantee the best holidays on the island.

The archipelago as a whole, like the rest of Spain, is affected by COVID-19 containment measures, although its competitive advantage is a more advanced high season in the year, and the possibility that the situation will improve in autumn and winter. Thus, the information available to us points to these islands as a destination with more hotel bookings than the country as a whole (43% of the total on 10/05), with arrivals expected in the coming months.

System is a Mexican Tour Operator pioneer in online reservations through its internal system, with 20 years of experience and services in 500 cities around the world. The operator assures that its mission is “to develop and commercialize tourist products and services that fully satisfy the needs of current and potential clients, with the highest quality and the support of technology”. And its vision, to become “the market’s preferred travel wholesaler”.

Sweden’s Sembo is part of Stena Line Travel Group AB, one of Sweden’s largest travel corporations in the leisure travel sector. Its corporate information highlights three decades of hard work “to make the dreams of millions of travelers come true,” offering more than 300,000 accommodation options including carefully selected hotels and rental apartments. It also provides flight bookings, ferry transportation, car rentals, and airport transfers.

We are convinced that these three references are an interesting and important incorporation to the distribution map of Dingus, with which we seek that hotels can increase in the best conditions all their possibilities to reach customers around the world.