We offer our clients the integration with ODEON Tours (OTI Holding), recently incorporated into the Dingus connectivities catalogue and especially important for the hotels we work with in Spain and the Caribbean. Its value proposition focuses on detecting the demands and expectations of the sector with a customer focus, and determining and diversifying products and services accordingly”.

The new channel available, which in Spain acts as DMC Odeon Tours, belongs to OTI Holding, a Turkish group in the tourism sector since 1992. It operates in 16 countries with 27 companies and 7,000 professionals, providing services covering tour operation, travel agency, reception, destination management centre, aviation, accommodation and information technology/security. Under normal conditions, according to pre-pandemic data, its volume of tourists in Spanish destinations was 100,000 people/year.

Brand value

The corporate identity of the new integration available to Dingus customers is based “on quality and brand value. In our activities we embrace the concept of data-driven, process-focused management. We believe in participatory, fair and democratic management, and in the importance of an organisational system open to learning and criticism, conscious of the need for institutionalisation”.

Where do guests arrive at your hotel with ODEON Tours?

The source markets are Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Poland and Belarus.

What are the hotel contracting destinations?

In this case, the hotel contracting markets are Spain and the Caribbean.

What does the integration with Dingus bring to ODEON Tours?

In the words of its E-Sourcing Manager, Mehmet Durukanoglu, in particular “streamlining the availability and pricing process”.

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Connectivities are an essential and strategic part of Dingus

We are dedicated to each of them in an intensive way, ensuring not only that they meet the needs and priorities of our customers, but also that they offer the maximum possible functionality and profitability. As a technological partner of the hotel establishment for commercial management – from availability distribution to reservation management – and taking into account all the technical evolution of the sector, we consider as connectivities from the services added to the web (such as chatbots and sales reinforcement messages), to sales management tools, reservations and collections, through sales and distribution channels.

We have our own integration protocols, something that allows us to adapt to the technical, commercial and operational needs of each sales channel, making the most of the functionalities of our tools. And since we are constantly evolving them according to the needs of the market and our clients, we have the agility to transfer those product and market advances to our integrations. By betting on integrations based on our APIs, we achieve greater integration agility and the incorporation of sales channels to our portfolio, exceeding 500 connectivities.