• How will travellers behave this summer? Who will they travel with and how many nights will they stay? What role will mobile devices play in 2023? These are some of the questions from the hotel sector that eDreams ODIGEO answer and share in order to better manage the demand for this summer season.

“To help hoteliers offer their guests the best possible experience, eDreams ODIGEO has collected data from bookings made on our platform with check-in dates between May and September”. This is how our eDreams partners sum up the aim of the report, which shows “the trend in guest behaviour, an insight that will make it easier to capture demand during these months”. These are the highlights of travellers “ready for a season of exploration and relaxation”, analysed by Europe’s largest airline distributor and one of the world’s largest online travel agencies:

  • Trust in mobile devices

Both for planning future trips and for spontaneous bookings, “the reliance on these devices is increasing. On average, 50% of bookings on our platform are made using them: 33% via app and 17 out of 100 via web-mobile. With eDreams ODIGEO Connect, attracting travellers on the go is easier than ever”.

  • 3 to 5 nights stays

On average, 69% of eDreams ODIGEO guests book between 3 and 5 nights, while another 30% “book for stays between 6 and 15 days and 1% for stays between 16 and 30 days”. The platform points out that “to have more control over bookings and avoid travellers booking shorter or longer than they would like, the hotel can set a Length of Stay (LOS) restriction on the eD Extranet. Offering the option of shorter stays (3-5 nights) and longer stays (6+ nights) provides more flexibility and attracts more guests. And this -say our partners- can improve the chances of getting bookings and increase occupancy rates”.

  • Summer as a couple and twice as many 4+ as a year ago

According to eDreams data, 62% of bookings this summer are for two guests, followed by 4+ at 17%, 3 at 12% and 1 at 9%. Although couples are leading the way, “we are also seeing a growing proportion of 4+ bookings, which have doubled compared to summer 2022. Hotels must take into account that in order to attract all profiles, we recommend setting prices per guest: personalising the pricing strategy and adapting it to the different types of occupancy”.

  • 90% want 1 room

Although 8% of the travel platform’s customers book two rooms and 2% book three, 90% opt for one room. And “we all know how important it is to know the expected number of rooms in order to optimise inventory, pricing and staffing levels to meet expected demand. In addition, highlighting the unique features of the accommodation can help attract different types of travellers and differentiate the property from others in the area. It’s all about making hotels and properties more attractive to key guests.


eDreams ODIGEO sees integration with Dingus® as strategic

Our partners recall that “it has been 5 years since eDreams ODIGEO joined the Dingus® connectivity portfolio, expanding our distribution map for global destinations that want to access the European market. We would like to highlight the value of this integration with a technological and strategic partner that provides us with connectivity to many accommodations in Spain, thanks to extensive collaboration with hotels and distribution channels. We are confident that this alliance will continue to consolidate and open new horizons for growth, to the benefit of our joint customers and our respective business models”.

With more than 20 million customers annually, eDreams ODIGEO is the No. 1 flight retailer in Europe and the world’s largest player in flight revenue excluding China, covering 80% of the global travel market. They distribute any type of accommodation in ring-fenced models, such as dynamic packages (flight + hotel) for hoteliers to gain sales and international exposure across their 247 websites, 44 markets and 4 leading brands: eDreams, Opodo, Go Voyages and Travellink.  As flight experts, they also provide insights to forecast demand from hoteliers and loyal travellers who book 25% more thanks to Prime, the world’s first travel subscription programme.


Dingus® is the technology partner offering the only 360° solution on the market for the marketing of tourism properties. It supports its 1,400 hotels, representing more than 365,000 rooms worldwide, with a portfolio of state-of-the-art services and products designed to increase sales, management agility/efficiency and profitability. It maintains partnerships with integrated distribution channels and those with more than 500 connectivities, constantly reviewing commercial, operational and technical aspects. Manages more than 2 billion product searches per month.




Cristina Torres. Corporate communication and media relations