• In the portfolio of channels integrated with Dingus we find references that hotels can pay attention to, if they want to know what strategies they are defining to encourage tourists at the end of the pandemic. Flash travel experts like BusconUnChollo.com are already preparing for the foreseeable increase in local travel, with customers becoming more concerned about the healthiness of destinations and hotels, and foreseeable changes in hygiene and public health regulations that will require accommodation to be adapted quickly…

Thinking (and acting positively) also helps us get out of the crisis. In the face of the incessant and logical bombardment of terrible news and sad consequences, Dingus keeps the service to the clients and the work in the day to day with a point of optimism that contributes to overcome the situation and return to the normality (whatever it is) in the best conditions.

In order to do this, we pay special attention to what is being done and proposed both by the hotels that trust our technological solutions and by the channels that, at this moment, are dedicated to recovering their activity and arranging everything, also for the day after.

In the case of Spain, the accumulation of circumstances (economic, social, time availability, travel possibilities, etc.) suggests that the recovery of national tourism may have a considerable impact on the segment of breaks and weekends.

What are the tour operators who know this segment best doing? How do they prepare ‘the return’ and, even more, the transit through these complicated weeks? Let’s think, for example, in buscounchollo.com, Esquiades.com and Amimir.com (brands of the online sales channel ‘Viajes para ti’ with which we are integrated since May 2019). We’re sure that Nacho Vallina’s (CMO of group) answers will bring clarity and light on the next post-COVID-19 scenario…

What is your strategy or perspective for the next few months?

To continue generating awareness about our brands. When the situation is back to normal it is important to have been there, supporting customers and giving them valuable content for these weeks of quarantine.

Will it be possible to recover the occupation this year, and to what extent?

It will mainly depend on which summer dates it is possible to travel and if possible, without any geographical restrictions. On the other hand, there will probably be an increase in local trips, for which BuscoUnChollo.com, our brand of “flash” travel offers, is the leader in Spain.

What kind of offer would you make to encourage recruitment?

Offers with high discounts for early purchase and flexible cancellation conditions. It is important to empathise with customers and generate maximum trust in them.

Who do you think will finally be the ones to resume their travels first?

Those users who need to travel for work or family reasons, then short distance leisure travel, and more in the long term, long distance domestic travel. International trips will be the last to recover.

How do you see tourism after the crisis. Will it go back to the way it was? When?

Tourism is a sector that was already in the midst of transformation, and this will make that transformation accelerate more than expected, expanding into new areas. There will be legislative changes in terms of compliance with hygiene and public health regulations, and accommodation will have to be adapted very quickly. Customers will become more suspicious and will increase their demands on the places they visit and on the hotels they stay in, especially in terms of health. He will avoid large crowds and will probably also increase the number of journeys in his own vehicle. From Esquiades.com, our other web of reservations of trips to the snow, also we estimate that the ski resorts will have to adapt quickly to the requirements of the consumer with new regulations and measures to apply, in a difficult area as it is the one of the own nature.

And what role do you think Dingus’ technology will play in the hotels for that recovery?

Hoteliers and players in the tourism sector in general will have to dedicate their resources to new tasks in order to adapt to the new market. This will make technologies like the one offered by Dingus take on a greater role, facilitating the management of these companies and offering them more value by having a practically 360º service. For our third hotel reservation website, Amimir.com, is a key partner, and we hope to continue working together for many years to come.

Dingus Connectivities

We work with more than 350 operators in the tourism distribution, offering connected hotels the widest spectrum of possibilities in the market. The constant expansion of our catalogue seeks not only to prioritise the most relevant integrations, by volume of production, opening of markets, strategic lines, etc. but we also try to achieve the maximum benefit in terms of functionality, quality and optimisation of connectivity.