Did you know that frequent travellers tend to spend more, stay longer and book more frequently?

That’s why our partners suggest you pay attention to Expedia Group’s member-only promotions, making it easier for you to attract this type of customer. And a great way to target them is to create an exclusive promotion that is accessible to over 100 million travellers across all of the platform’s websites.

According to a recent Expedia study, discounts continue to be an effective way to motivate travellers to book. They are crucial to encourage travel resumption because:

  • 65% of users say that they filter by price when searching on booking websites.
  • Discounted room rates make 50% of travellers more willing to book an extra night
  • 30% will consider promotions and discounts when choosing accommodation for their first trip after the pandemic.

And because customers are so focused on discounts, “designing a promotional strategy that helps you get a solid return on investment is now more important than ever”. Members-only promotions “are a great way to make your promotional offer appeal to the best possible audience, while improving your search visibility.

This tactic attracts high-value guests: on average, Expedia Group members book and spend twice as much as other customers. They also travel more frequently, as “more than 60 percent of our loyalty programme members intend to travel several times a year”. It also makes you stand out in search results: each members-only promotion receives a unique badge that helps you do this by making your property stand out from the competition.

In a few days we will tell you about Expedia’s proposals for hotels connected with Dingus for one of the highest priorities of today’s travellers: flexibility. The aim is to give you the opportunity to take advantage of the functionalities of this integration and turn every occasion, recipient and booking channel into a competitive advantage for your hotel.


Cristina Torres. Corporate communication and media relations