After knowing all the advantages of the HiJiffy chatbot in the direct sale of your hotel’s website, in the interview with its CEO that you can read by clicking here, we now announce the collaboration agreement between Dingus and the all-in-one communication platform of our Portuguese partners, awarded by the UNWTO for the most innovative solution in 2020.

Thanks to this agreement, the hotels in our client portfolio will be able to access the services of the chatbot after integrating it into the website, with special discounts on hiring. This is what the startup explains to interested establishments:

How does this agreement benefit the Dingus customer?

All hotels using Dingus as their reservation system now have access to an all-in-one communication platform, which helps generate more direct bookings through real-time offers and hotel photos. This increases the level of guest satisfaction through instant and accurate attention, decreases contact response time and improves the overall service of the hotels.

And for HiJiffy, what are the main advantages of integration with our booking engine?

1.- Knowing exactly how much a room will cost for a specific date, for a certain number of people, and how the price varies according to the age of the guests, if adults and children have different rates.

2.- Show the guest not just one option, but all the rooms available with the features customers are looking for, plus the rates to help drive upselling.

3.- Have a tool that allows the use of frequent guest promotional codes, so that after presenting the price, you can provide them with a link to click on and facilitate the booking.

Our Roomonline booking engine is also integrated with external tools such as HiJiify to help you attract more customers, improve your conversion and increase your revenue, as we continue to develop features to meet your business needs. Click here and we’ll tell you about it.

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