For hotels connected to Dingus® in Spain, September and October are eleven percentage points away from matching bookings for the same months in 2021. From this month onwards, the sales curve for the remainder of the year starts to slow down due to the end of the season, so bookings with a maximum of 60 days’ notice and last minute bookings will be key to determine whether or not last year’s figures are exceeded.

What is clearly visible in the Dingus® DataHotel indicators is that up to 31st October, as of today, hotel nights in the establishments connected to our platform exceed 4,228,000 (384,000 more than a year ago). However, the number of bookings (just over 641,050) is lower than in the same period in 2021, when it exceeded 718,000. This data is confirming that stays this season are for more days. For September and October, the most common type of stay (66.3%) is 3 to 7 nights, followed by 8 to 14 nights in 22 out of every hundred bookings.

By type of customer, the start of the school year is also reflected in the decrease in family bookings: 16% of confirmed bookings are for a room for two adults and a child, while another 9% book two double rooms. Almost 61 out of every hundred bookings up to the end of October are for couples. 

Cancellations are currently in the 25 per cent range, eight per cent lower than a year ago, when 33 out of 100 were cancelled.

Caribbean exceeds 2021 data

Hotels working with Dingus® in the Caribbean area have already exceeded last year’s numbers, both in bookings for September and October (146,400) and room nights (over 800,000). Cancellations, in this area, are also improving with 12% less than a year ago, although still at 33%.

Regarding the booking window in the Caribbean during 2022, 50% of confirmed bookings have been generated within the 90 to 8 day range, therefore, we can estimate that in the next 60 days it is possible that a high volume of sales will be generated.

The data on the type of stay are very similar to Spain: almost 74% are for 3 to 7 nights, followed by 8 to 14 nights in more than 13% of cases. In terms of distribution, couples are accommodated in 70 out of every 100 bookings. Families account for 15% of the total at this time of year.


Dingus® exceeds 1,300 connected hotels in 28 countries and 51 destinations on 5 continents, and works with more than 500 integrated tour operators. In 2021 our technology successfully surpassed the figure of more than 13,000M supported product requests.


Cristina Torres. Corporate communication and media relations