Between 5 and 7 nights are the preferred stays in almost 46% of the bookings made up to the end of May for the Balearic Islands, while weekend stays account for 32% and those of more than eight days are chosen by a further 22.4%. The greater number of hotel days per guest explains why, with just over 849,700 bookings on the islands, the total number of nights per room exceeds 5,395,500. Percentage-wise this is 35.4% and 47.5% more than a year ago, according to the Dingus®DataHotel indicators.

In the specific case of Mallorca, the destination with the best forecasts, the volume of bookings for 2021 has already been exceeded by 38% and 29 out of every 100 clients book between 3 and 6 months in advance. A further 27% book between one and 3 months and 44% buy during the last month before their arrival at the hotel. Cancellation thresholds are stable again (25%) and although more than half of the trips are for couples, families are returning to the island in greater proportion than a year ago.

Geographically, the Mallorcan coast has seen the main increase in bookings and nights of stay, which are almost 61% higher in hotels in the east of the island, 67.6% in the west, and percentages of 30.1% and 38.1% in establishments connected to Dingus® on the north and south coasts, respectively.

The burden of inflation

Undoubtedly, the data are indicating that the tourist season could be very good and even exceed that of 2019 if the current rate in terms of occupancy is maintained, although as the CEO of Dingus® clarified yesterday at the presentation of the V Tourism Report of the Small and Medium Enterprises of Mallorca with which it has collaborated, although there is a recovery and growth in demand “inflation will have a major impact on competitiveness: it will be difficult to recover the levels of profit necessary for the hotelier to invest“. Jaume Monserrat, as reported in the newspaper Última Hora, postpones the full recovery of profit figures to 2024, according to estimates of many of the hotels connected with Dingus® technology.

The Balearic archipelago is one of the star destinations for a summer with very good prospects. Comparing sales throughout the country, bookings in Mallorca alone are up by almost 30% and the number of nights spent by 15% compared to 2021.

Along with Roiback, Fideltour and Juniper, Dingus® is one of the four companies associated with Turistec that has participated in the latest edition of this report which, as a series, has been following the evolution of hotel sales since March last year.


Cristina Torres. Corporate communication and media relations