Operating since 1972, JTA Travel Group is the ATOL and ABTA certified B2B tour operator now available to Dingus® connected hotels in our integration catalogue. With an expected turnover of over £100 million this year, it “sells package holidays, cruises and consolidator fares to a network of over 3,500 UK B2B travel agents, some of which are exclusive to JTA”.

With a wide range of brands, it has call centres in Birmingham and Peterborough “and a sales team that visits UK agents on a daily basis. We offer hotel chain partners the opportunity to proactively build brand awareness through a range of marketing opportunities,” from being featured on their website to agent familiarisation trips and exclusive webinars.

Where do guests arrive at your hotel with JTA Travel Group?


What are the hotel contracting destinations?

Among others, in Europe: Spain, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Portugal and Malta.

USA: Florida (Orlando/Miami), New York and Las Vegas

Caribbean: Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Mexico, etc.


Why JTA Travel Group choose to integrate with Dingus®?

We are looking to work with hotel chains in various destinations in Europe, the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean and the United Arab Emirates. We want Dingus® to act as our conduit, offering availability and inventory rates to our hotel partners. We are looking for dynamic package rates and direct partnerships with hotels, rather than bed banks, and to communicate directly with our hotel partners to ensure customer satisfaction”


Dingus® connectivity strategy

We are dedicated to each of these integrations with the aim of achieving maximum profitability, integrating and maintaining all the functionalities required by our customers and partners. We do this using the Dingus® API, based on standard protocols, to adapt to the technical, commercial and operational needs of each distribution channel, optimising it for the 1,400 hotels on five continents with 375,000 connected rooms.

With Dingus® DataHotel analytics platform, we extract value from the data generated by hotel bookings and searches. It allows data from multiple sources to be analysed and evaluated to gain a better perspective on sales performance and future trends. This facilitates decision making based on real information and data.

And with Dingus+T® we are ‘smarter’ than ever, offering access to the platform that concentrates all our technological offering in a single environment and with an innovative user experience. All our expertise in connectivity, together with the Market Integrator offer, with all the Dingus® APIs to integrate with our clients’ partners, make up a complete 360 distribution offer and cover all the marketing needs of hotels.


Cristina Torres. Dircom Dingus®