The integration with Viajomexico, a B2B wholesale travel operator, is now ready for our customers, intermediary of hotels, transfers and tours with customers in 60% of the Mexican national territory. It is focused on “achieving the best booking experience of tourist services for users in a fast way. We seek to offer the best quality and accessibility using the best technology“.

Viajomexico emphasises its aspiration to be “a recognised company in the electronic market, by focusing on service following technological advances and facilitating the hotel booking experience for customers 24 hours a day, every day of the year“. They also want to “develop working relationships with other companies in the industry to offer a wide variety of options, both in terms of quality and price”.

Where do guests arrive at your hotel with Viajomexico?


What are the hotel contracting destinations?

Mainly beach hotels in Mexico, but also global tourist destinations.

What does the integration with Dingus® bring to Viajomexico?

“We expect to increase the value of products and services we can offer by 40%. In addition, Dingus® allows us to reach more hotel products worldwide that are currently marketed offline, as well as improving the business relationship with those hotels and suppliers”.


Connectivities are an essential and strategic part of Dingus®

We are dedicated to each of them in an intensive way, ensuring not only that they meet the needs and priorities of our customers, but also that they offer the maximum possible functionality and profitability. As a technological partner of the hotel establishment for commercial management – from availability distribution to reservation management – and taking into account all the technical evolution of the sector, we consider as connectivities from the services added to the web (such as chatbots and sales reinforcement messages), to sales management tools, reservations and collections, through sales and distribution channels.

We have our own integration protocols, something that allows us to adapt to the technical, commercial and operational needs of each sales channel, making the most of the functionalities of our tools. And since we are constantly evolving them according to the needs of the market and our clients, we have the agility to transfer those product and market advances to our integrations. By opting for integrations based on our APIs, we achieve greater agility of integration and incorporation of sales channels to our portfolio, which exceeds 500 connectivities. Thanks to the interconnection of all of them with more than 1,300 hotels in 30 countries and 54 destinations, we manage more than 2 billion product search requests per month.

And with the Dingus® DataHotel analytics platform…

It extracts value from the data generated by hotel bookings and searches. It allows the analysis and evaluation of data obtained from different sources to get a better perspective of sales results and future trends. This facilitates decision making based on real information and data.


Cristina Torres. Corporate communication and media relations