Between the 1st and 30th of November, reservations in hotels connected to Dingus experienced a significant increase of 122%, with the special push of the Black Friday campaigns to which many of our clients have joined. However, the roomnights for 27/11, the main day with discounts, were 62% below those of 2019, when the day coincided with 29 November. The sale of 2021 to date remains 35% below the previous year. However, for stays in August there are 11% more reservations.

The British encourage next year’s market

By market, our DataHotel tool’s analysis of November indicates that the British are booking the most vacations since the announcement of the availability of the Covid-19 vaccine. So now that it is being dispensed, sales from the UK are expected to be even more buoyant. TUI UK is the channel with the most confirmed bookings for 2021.

In general, we see the return of sales in the long term (more than 54% have a booking window at six-twelve months), and also longer stays: 46% hire a week and 36 out of 100 hire more than eight days. The weekends remain, at the moment, as the option of 16.5% of the guests.

Touroperation returns

One of the most significant indicators is the way in which tourism sales are re-emerging, exceeding 48% of the reserves. At the moment, OTAs are the ones that register the greatest decreases (barely 19.2% of the quota), although this is attributable to the lack of availability for 2021, since the hotels were waiting to have a clearer horizon to charge prices, thus delaying the start of sales for next year. In any case, a considerable reactivation of online agencies is expected. The booking engines, for their part, not only maintain but exceed the market share they have achieved this 2020.

US and Canadian market for the Caribbean

Today, the Caribbean is where we find the best perspectives for the hotels in our portfolio, with sales that during November surpassed those of the previous year due to growth in Mexico and Jamaica. In addition, we are able to offer them an already well-established presence in Canada, thanks to the integration of the main local operators working with Caribbean destinations (such as Transat, Sunwing, WestJet and Air Canada, which is now under development).

The same with the USA market, which we cover in an extensive way directly or through the collaboration with local companies that integrate some operators. The objective of Dingus is to obtain direct integration with the main American players operating in the Caribbean, such as the integration of Apple Leisure Group which is currently in a pilot phase and is one of the main projects of the connectivity department.

To face 2021, in the Caribbean we highlight the integrations with local Mexican channels and other Latin American markets, especially Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia, which are consolidated in our distribution map. These are both DMCs, local B2B Tour Operators and Integrators and OTAs.