Taking into account the characteristics of Dingus’ customers in the hotel accommodation sector, the report by ThriveMyWay has caught our attention, which, among other things, ranks the ten most visited travel and tourism websites in the world. In addition, it compares the entries on the portals before Covid with the end of January allowing us to observe the evolution during the pandemic.

In the information subsequently collected by tecnohotelnews.com, they explain the methodology used in the study, which consists of observing the organic traffic generated in a period from the first month of 2020, just before the restrictions began, until January 2022. They calculate visits that do not depend on ad spend. With this, they want to measure the marketing success of a portal without the need to put money into it”.

The sector portals that make up the top 10 include companies that we do not work with, such as some for mobility or holiday rentals. With others we work indirectly. But of the direct integrations available for hotels connected to Dingus, Booking.com, Expedia, American Airlines and Agoda stand out.

The first two have suffered a decrease in organic traffic, but in percentages that hardly detract from their dominant position in the accommodation search market. So much so that Booking.com continues to lead the ranking and Expedia had well over 35 million entries at the end of January. The next two sites (AA and Agoda) have grown in number of visitors: by over 11% and 22% respectively. Significant in Tecnohotel’s analysis is the case of the airline, which means that during the pandemic “not all flight portals have been affected so negatively”.

In the comparative analysis of the estimated traffic performance of the top websites over the last two years, ThriveMyWay also includes portals for sports, vehicles, health, or law and government, among others.


Cristina Torres. Corporate communication and media relations