• Connected Destination already operates with almost 6000 travel agencies, 260 OTAs and 250 tour operators providing hotels, including all those working with Dingus, with

direct connectivity between the destinations and the German-speaking travel market

The German market is not the same as the German-speaking market in the so-called ‘DACH region’, which comprises potential travellers from Germany, Switzerland, Austria and other European regions. All in all, millions of people who, for our Traffics partners, are one of the most stable and strongest markets with the highest percentage of travelers and therefore an important target market for many hotels worldwide”.

To meet this demand, and to do so with direct connectivity between hotels and destinations, Traffics technology has the ‘Connected Destination’ digital distribution platform designed “to drive a dynamic network and gross rates directly to major tour operators, booking portals and travel agencies, for packaging and distribution to hotels only. So they only need to implement a B2B connection that will open the doors to numerous distributors”.

Today, nearly 6,000 travel agencies, 260 online agencies and 250 tour operators (traditional and online) use their systems, which are backed “by more than 20 years of experience in travel technology and a spirit of innovation, something that supports us in offering high quality services and distribution solutions that increase sales,” say the Managing Directors of Traffics, Salim Sahi and Jens Muskewitz.

A Fam Trip in Mallorca

Last July, and with the commitment to reactivate the destinations preferred by the German market in such difficult times, our partners held a meeting in Mallorca to present the island and its tourist offer, in which more than 40 German travel agents participated. The security measures implemented by the sector were discussed, as well as the most effective solutions to reactivate the industry. This event “will support the destinations and our hotel partners,” they said, “and we are also going to schedule it in the Canary Islands and Valencia”.

The conference also explains how connectivity with Connected Destination works in practice, which basically consists of “after free registration and activation of the property, the inventory of the hotels will be distributed directly through the channel manager to our sales channels, connected in the German-speaking market. We help our hotels to increase their visibility and increase their sales through free marketing campaigns”. The advantages of this integration are the connection of the hotel with the relevant sales channels for the German-speaking market, with the consequent increase in visibility and booking capacity, a quick and easy connection through a Channel Manager such as Dingus, real-time distribution (with the increase in competitiveness and margin), dynamisation in the B2B segment, as well as free marketing campaigns via newsletters, social media, press releases, etc.

Traffics and Dingus, a strong partnership

For the company “one of the most important moments has been the partnership with Dingus. Due to its popularity and growing demand among hotels, as well as the geographical proximity of our offices in Spain (specifically on the island of Mallorca), our cooperation has a strong base. Each Dingus partner hotel is important and relevant to us and to the tourism market in the DACH region. Dingus provides us with access to their most relevant hotels for the German-speaking market and helps us to dynamise the B2B sales channels in that same market”.