Without a doubt, celebrating 10 years of business adventure is a source of pride and reflection in equal parts. The satisfaction of seeing a project as ambitious as Dingus become a reality becomes a burden of responsibility when you see that the real success of the project has been the capacity for continuous growth: growth based on the hard work of our professionals, the trust of our clients and the influence of our company on the market.

In a brief retrospective, Dingus was that ambitious project I was talking about from the first minute of his paper approach. From the outset, it sought to automatically connect hotels to sales channels, allowing the exchange of contracts and reservations. In addition, the business model was based on a pay-per-service concept – something that was not very widespread back in 2008 – and finally needed generate a high level of confidence. And not only with the target customer, but also with its main stakeholders (whether they were sales channels or companies in the technology sector) with whom, in one way or another, we had to be integrated.

The enthusiasm, the preparation and the spirit of sacrifice have been essential elements that each and every one of the professionals who have passed through the company during this time have invested in the success of the project. They and the confidence of our customers are the reason why we are celebrating 10 years of business activity, with a recognized brand in the sector and with unbeatable expectations.

Any company with a defined vision and a specific mission must always look to the future. And Dingus’ approach is based on experience, knowledge and an increase in the offer of new services and products, aligned with the needs and trends of the market. To this end, we have approved a new strategic plan for the period 2018-2020, focused on efficiency, productivity and profitability objectives… aligning the relative weight that this company represents for our customers and for the market and ensuring its future projection.

Talent management understood as the continuous training, the detection of concerns of our professionals and a recruitment program based on the offer of an innovative project; the increase in technological production, capable of generating a wider range of products and services; the standardization of the management model based on quality and safety standards; and finally the consolidation of the expansion process begun in 2014 with the opening of our offices in Cancun (Mexico), which we have recently expanded. All of the above completes the four strategic axes that should place us in the 2020 horizon, as a company capable of achieving competitiveness indicators, within the digital economy ecosystem.

In order to achieve this, it will be a priority to continue growing, to propose new business models, to establish strategic alliances of high value and to invest in technologies, products and training, which will make it possible to increase the current scalability and profitability, ratios that have allowed Dingus to be where it is today.

We approach the future with the full conviction that in the next 10 years our proposal for innovation will ensure the supply of value-added services, based on experience and knowledge management. The new era is presented with technologies that will radically change the way we now conceptualize business. Artificial Intelligence, BlockChain, Big Data or IoT…. will open up a much wider range of opportunities than we have seen since the Internet, irretrievably, came into our lives.

Our challenge is to remain the best solution for our customers. To this end, the company is prepared to offer a horizon of guarantees where it can continue to lead a way of doing business, with a different and differential working environment.

Jaume Monserrat

CEO of Dingus