Our Expedia partners continue their tour of different Spanish destinations, sharing with the tourism sector both the challenges and the objectives of the industry and all its stakeholders. And Dingus® accompanies and supports them as a sponsor in these events to share impressions and business actions.

A few days ago in Mallorca and this week in Alicante’s tourist destination par excellence: Benidorm. Expedia Group held a new event for partners, which focused on sustainability and diversification of new markets. The meeting, held at Port Benidorm Hotel & Spa, was once again sponsored by Dingus®, and brought together hoteliers and tourism industry professionals on the Costa Blanca.

Without going any further, this spring Benidorm offers as a complement to the attraction of its beaches and its well-known climatic advantages, tours of its old town and a visit to the ‘balcony of the Mediterranean’ which is the Mirador del Castillo, outdoor sports (golf, hiking, cycling, diving and snorkelling, kayaking, cable sky…) or simply enjoying nature, crafts and gastronomy. Not to mention the festivals and concerts of the Benidorm Music & Emotion programme and its health and wellness offer. All of this in a destination that is working to expand and diversify by dynamising an increasingly wide range of options.

Air connectivity, essential above all for Benidorm’s international travellers, is consolidated and growing: Alicante-Elche airport closed 2023 with more than 15,700,000 passengers, closing the best year in its history and increasing the figures for 2022 by almost 20%. And Benidorm’s hotel industry, according to the analysis of the Big Data platform of its employers’ association, Hosbec, is facing the second half of April with a supply of 43,700 beds and a fortnightly occupancy rate of 77%.

In the Comunidad Valenciana as a whole, Spanish tourists account for 45.2% of the total, while those from the United Kingdom account for over 41%. But there are other markets such as Belgium (3.30%), the Netherlands (2.40%) and Ireland (2.3%), while the rest (5.50%) is made up of various nationalities. And with all this, proposal, hotel offer, connectivity and possibilities for growth and new markets, the Expedia Group event became an interesting exchange of information between the organisers and the guests, mainly the participants in the round table: Laura Redondo (director Alicante-Elche airport), Fede Fuster (president/CEO Hosbec/Climia), Antonio Sánchez (Marketing Executive Visit Benidorm) and Fernando Ramiro (director Spain and Portugal Expedia Group). The welcome and presentation of the highlights of the travel platform was given by the Area Manager, Mikel Benito.

Dingus® Positioning

By sponsoring these events, Dingus® wants to support the enhancement of the tourism industry and the relationship between all stakeholders. María Ferragut and Ángel Cáceres, from our sales department and Customer Service, respectively, were our representatives at the meeting in Benidorm. For both of them it was especially satisfying to confirm the positioning and awareness of the Dingus® brand in the destination. And the business and growth possibilities raised during the networking time after the day. In addition, these actions respond to the commitment with connectivity partners such as Expedia Group to collaborate and work together for the benefit of our common hotel clients.


Cristina Torres. Dircom Dingus®