The Dingus® trade delegation at the Dominican Annual Tourism Exchange, DATE, confirms the good forecasts for consolidation and growth of our brand in the Dominican Republic, where the hotels connected with our technology currently offer almost 34,900 rooms.

The international tourism fair of the Dominican Republic has closed its latest edition, the 24th, with 133 stands, more than 340 buyers from 23 countries and 500 suppliers. Between them they held 8,500 business meetings, confirming DATE, in the words of the executive vice-president of the organiser Asonahores, Aguie Lendor, as “the main event for marketing the Dominican tourism product and its complementary offer”, reaffirming the commitment of the country’s hotel and tourism association to “promote our tourist attractions, increase investment and ensure that the number of visitors grows every year”. All of this with the aim of increasing the positive impact on the Dominican economy and society.

The organisers are clear that DATE is a marketing and promotional strategy to keep their offer in force, and for this reason Dingus® is faithful to the event, to the possibilities of expansion and, of course, to the reunion with hotel clients and channels that we have in the area.

This year we have held 40 meetings with tourism stakeholders both in the Dominican Republic and in other international destinations, who have told us of their intentions to grow with Dingus® and the technology provided by the Dingus®+T platform. We have had the opportunity to present the innovations, developments and news of recent months and to reinforce our proposal as a technological ally for hotel distribution and sales, with a portfolio that exceeds 500 channels and reaches more than 1,400 hotels worldwide with 380,000 rooms available.


Cristina Torres. Dircom Dingus®