Before the Covid pandemic, the Cuban destination had more than 4 million visitors, but in 2024 the recovery is costing more than expected, and it is considered a success to close the year at 3 million. The first quarter closed with close to one million, something that FITCuba has valued with optimism during the development of the main tourist reference on the island.

Held in Jardines del Rey, Cuba’s second sun and beach destination, the country’s tourism fair, promoted by companies in the sector with investments in the area, closed its latest edition on an optimistic note, after confirming the start of recovery. However, it is slower than expected and a long way from the figures prior to the Covid pandemic. All of this affects an activity that is the second most important contributor to Cuba’s GDP, according to various independent experts.

What figures are expected this year?

Cuba hopes to reach three million visitors, a third of them already counted during the first quarter of 2024. However, still far from the more than four million tourists received in the two years prior to Covid, and better than the 1.6 million and 2.4 million in 2022 and 2023, respectively.

More hotel capacity and new markets

As confirmed by the Dingus® delegation at FITCuba, led by Paula Servera and Rodrigo Hernáez, the construction of new hotels or the conversion of buildings (which is taking place especially in Havana), which is already an incentive for the Cuban economy, via the construction and equipment sector, the tourism industry and institutions consider this aspect key, assuring that ‘each new hotel that opens in the country is a factory for the generation of income and socio-economic improvement’.

The prospects for recovery and growth are also centred on market diversification, with the focus on China, whose nationals will be exempted from visa requirements, as announced at the fair. In this way, the Asian country will be able to add its foreign currency to that of Canada, the Cuban community living abroad, Russia and also the United States, which despite restrictions continues to send visitors (almost 47,000) to the destination. Other countries such as Germany, France, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Spain and Argentina are close behind.

Confidence in Dingus® technology from hotels and operating channels in Cuba

Our figures in this Caribbean destination, with more than 130 hotels and almost 49,500 rooms available, represent a share of 33% of the hotel plant and 61% of the rooms. In addition, we have 244 integrated distribution and sales channels available for Cuba, more than 50 of them, precisely, operating in China.

In this way, the expedition to FITCuba has allowed us to continue working to consolidate our position as the technological partner of reference among tourism companies with interests in the area. To this end, we have taken on board their needs, incorporating them into our strategy of continuing to cover as much of their distribution or channel mix as possible.


Cristina Torres. Dircom Dingus®