A few days away from fully entering a new year, with another twelve months ahead to face new challenges, consolidate projects already underway and continue working to strengthen the confidence of our customers, in Hitt Group and the brands Dingus and Etoolinnovation we want to pay homage to 2018 that leaves us.

We cannot lose sight of what this year has meant for us, especially when the period that closes is not only 365 days, but a whole decade. Ten years have passed since we laid the foundations for what is now the Hitt Group, a business path traversed along all its stretches with the conviction that obstacles are overcome and achievements are shared. These two premises have managed to keep alive the spirit of our brands, referring inexorably to the recognition of teamwork and all those people who, day by day, make possible the development and marketing of our products and technological services.

In 2018 we have been able to confirm that one of the most tangible proofs of the current solidity is the growth of human capital, which has multiplied by 8. From the initial team of only ten professionals, today we have a staff of close to 80, in which employees and consultants coexist in an innovative ecosystem for the development of the objectives of the group. This milestone has many names and surnames, and to all of them we owe both collective and individual thanks for having understood and known how to interpret our customers’ needs and demands, transforming them into industrial solutions and making them available to them. And sometimes with thousands of kilometres of distance between those operating in Spain from the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Madrid, Alicante or Almeria, or from Mexico and Slovenia. A physical and hourly separation which, thanks to everyone’s involvement, has never been an insurmountable obstacle.

The qualification and disposition of all of them is what, in short, allows Dingus and Etoolinnovation to face the commitment with a portfolio of clients integrated by more than a thousand hotels located in more than 25 countries, a hundred of them incorporated throughout this year. And logically, with all that implies in terms of specific requirements and demands of each market and its different types and segments of tourists.

Adaptability and reliability are two other fundamental pillars in a business model that also emphasizes the channels that are committed to integrating with us, and whose number has grown this year by 43. This increase translates into a diverse, broad catalogue prepared for the future and imminent scenario: the unification of our entire technological offer and the increase in scalability. All this by means of products that are independent of each other, but that can be related so that it is the client who chooses with which and how many they want to work.

In 2019 we will focus on the client’s Marketplace objective for the hotels that bet on us. A platform where to connect bidirectionally all the offer of products that we have and will have in the market, guaranteeing the traceability and securization of the transaction, and allowing to multiply the capacity of commerce of each one of them, integrating of fast and flexible form any service and/or solution that is required.

But well, the latter is already part of a more commercial speech that we will have occasion to expose in appointments such as the imminent Fitur (January in Madrid). To thank the entire team, customers and partners, who have made it possible to reach the end of a year that will allow us to face the next with guarantees, enthusiasm and professionalism. We look forward to seeing you in 2019 and from Hitt Group we wish you the best for each and every one of the days to come.

Hitt Group: Dingus & Etoolinnovation