• The integration of BookinCenter, personalization and work with a multidisciplinary team, have been decisive factors
  • The marketing manager of the hotel group, Tanja Brandt, highlights the positive feed back of Dunas customers after the first weeks of operation with the new portal

The relationship of Dunas Hotels & Resorts with Dingus begins in 2010, when we started to provide technological services for the commercialization and sale to the hotel group and its establishments in Gran Canaria.

In 2017 the relationship continues to be based on the principle of trust and satisfaction. But although this makes things much easier, there are other values added to custom and good results. For that reason we are pleased to continue contributing to the consolidation of Dunas, in a year “full of motivation and enthusiasm for all the changes of renovation and improvements that are taking place”.

Our new contribution is a renewed website with which Dunas Hotels & Resorts can continue being a reference in the continuous improvement of the experience of its customers. This service is made possible with Roomonline, the Dingus product designed to respond to the increasing demand of the hotel sector to be able to handle its direct sales through the corporate portal.

Tanja Dunas

With Tanja Brandt, marketing manager at Dunas Hotels & Resorts, we talked about the main reasons o trust Roomonline in the renewal of its website, and these are the three main reasons pointed out by the expert in digital tourism marketing:

After assessing different suppliers in the market, Dunas decided on this Dingus solution for several reasons. Among them is the integration of its powerful BookinCenter booking engine, which guarantees us to be able to apply all the logic of our business to online sales and, moreover, is responsive. Also for the possibility of personalizing our project in a flexible and modular way, being able to integrate our instrument of loyalty Dunas Club and the Program for the Travel Agents. And all this without losing the advantage of taking advantage of a personalized programming on an open source web framework. Last, but not least, to be able to work with a multidisciplinary team.

How far did Dunas Hotels and Resorts know what they wanted and how much did they let the provider advice?

We had a very clear that we did not want a product with a standardized design, thinking first in the mobile. In addition, we needed a booking engine that was flexible enough to fit our specific needs. We like to have control over the tool, so it is important to have a content manager that gives us the flexibility to adapt the templates more easily to the content needs and the design of the landing pages. But of course we have the opinion of the contracted companies that formed the multidisciplinary team. For this reason the project is being successful.

What are the aspects that so far value most satisfactorily from Dunas Hotels & Resorts?

The design is very important for the brand image and we have been able to adapt to the new trends, characterized by a clean and flat design, as well as a one-page navigation with full screen images and different typographies that give personality to the web. In order to sell from a page it is important that the user finds what they are looking for easily and that the reservation process is clear and answers to posible “no availabilities”. And from our customers, who are finally the most critical, the fact is that we are already receiving a very positive feed back.

Has the impact of the first weeks of visibility and operation of the portal already been analyzed from Dunas Hotels & Resorts? Are satisfied?

Maybe it’s a bit early yet, because as usual there are always adjustments in projects of such a magnitude. But the results – if we compare data with those of last year – are very good, both graphically and from conversion to sales and revenue.

What are your expectations now?

Of course sell more and better through the new web. We have a clear objective in terms of billing and direct sales percentage over the total of the same.

We understand that your testimony implies that Dunas Hotels & Resorts will remain a great prescriber of Dingus in general and Roomonline in particular…

Of course! Obviously there are multiple companies in the market offering these services. Each one will have to do his comparative and look for the technology and the provision that suits your business best.I am very happy with the result.