In this section we recover the most outstanding news of Hitt Group and our companies Dingus and Etoolinnovation, published 12 months ago. In September 2018 we received the seal of Innovative SME and became part of a group that, in the Balearic Islands, (where our headquarters are located in Spain) around 30 organizations…

It is now a year since the Hitt Group joined a registry whose ultimate purpose is to establish a public policy that supports business growth and sustainability. The three requirements established by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities for access to accreditation are: to have received public financing in the last three years (without suffering revocation due to incorrect or insufficient execution of the financed activity), to have demonstrated the innovative character through the activity itself, or to have the capacity for innovation accredited through other official certifications recognized by the public administration.

In the case of Hitt Group, as CEO Jaume Monserrat explained at the time, obtaining the seal had to do with “the public funding for R+D+i projects, received in the last year”. On the other hand, from Innova Experts , the Business Unit Manager explained that this funding was obtained from “the Research and Development Projects line of the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) for the project ‘Development of a new technical solution for the analysis, management and centralisation of massive quantities of information in the hotel sector’ based on Big Data technology. Once this funding was obtained,-said Gerard Samaniegowe proceeded to communicate to the Ministry the fulfillment of the requirements for recognition as an innovative company, making possible its accreditation”.

Innova experts, specialized in offering management services and optimization of financial resources for R+D+i activities in companies and entities, maintain that “obtaining this seal is very favorable for Hitt Group, both from a point of view of tax benefits and image in the market. The company can disseminate through all its channels the seal issued by the Ministry, positioning itself as a company with an accredited innovative capacity and a clear R & D strategy and with interesting projects, winners and disruptive. Therefore, the logo can be used for advertising and promotional purposes, where customers can see the Innovative SME seal next to the company logo and know that, beyond the usual campaigns that all companies make of their commitment to R & D, the merits of innovation within their sector of activity are officially recognized“.

Fiscally, accreditation also contemplates a series of benefits: it gives the option to participate in Innovative Public Procurement (administrative action to promote innovation through public contracting) and allows access to the ICO Innovation Technological Fund financing lines, which are those that facilitate the training and hiring of qualified personnel for the development of research activities.

For Jaume Monserrat, all of this makes it possible to “clearly state that one of our valuable contributions is innovation, in the eyes of our clients and the market. We dedicate a significant percentage to innovation on an annual basis, so -without doubt- obtaining this type of recognition positions the company’s commitment and makes it possible to visualize, internally and externally, our future approaches with regard to technology“.

Hitt Group’s seal as an Innovative SME will be in force until August 2021, within the three-year period established as a standard and date from which the company can opt for renewal, the company already knows that “actions will focus on the marketing and communication campaign 2019-2020, based on the new products that will be placed on the market”.

About Hitt Group’s companies:

Dingus is a technological company of high level services for the tourist industry. The Know-how in the distribution of the tourist product is the contribution and bet of future of Dingus for its clients.

Etoolinnovation is a software factory of technology and advanced products for the tourism industry, with R+D+i as one of its strategic lines of growth. Pioneer company in Cloud Computing, Big Data, Open Innovation and solutions to manage B2B and B2C of the tourism product.