The Canary Islands currently concentrate a very important set of customers of Dingus, that recently we have explained some potentially helpful developments for the marketing of its squares, and extending to the rest of hotels that use our technology solutions.

In a joint action, we have had the opportunity to inform them of the imminent unification of the hiring of the beds of Thomas Cook in Germany with the British brand Bank Hotels4u. This partnership between two leaders in their respective segments and emitting countries, which materialize from November 1, has given a new exercise in advance, making appropriate changes in the platform that our customers use Dingus.

Our philosophy involves working in permanent and constant contact with channels, adapting to each new situation produced by the market. And this allows us anticipate and try to make it possible that before each tendency, the needs involved are covered.

The meeting organized by Dingus, TCBB and H4U took place in Tabaiba Princess Hotel located on the beach of Maspalomas (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria), allowing us to explain new and interesting potential to Dunas; Gloria Palace; Satocan; H10; HD; Lopesan; Princess and The Total Experience. To all, thank you for receiving us and share the day. We are convinced of its utility and the possibilities that are opened in all destinations with this new action from the web of reserves and the tour operator.