Cloud computing services platform AWS features in its testimonials and case studies section the Dingus business benchmark and how it impacts “the use of Amazon EC2 spot instances to run and scale infrastructure cost-effectively”.

Jordi Cladera (Chief of Innovation Officer at Etoolinnovation, the Hitt Group company that develops the Dingus technology) explains that “we maintain more than 20,000 simultaneous active connections for the exchange of information between our customers and their sales channels. All this means handling a daily processing load of several billion calculations, generated by more than 200 million price and booking update transactions, which translates into handling more than 20,000 bookings per day. By using spot* instances in Auto Scaling clusters that process these calculations, we have achieved sustained savings of close to 70%, with the same level of performance and efficiency as we had before with on-demand instances”.

*Spot instances are unused instances, available at a lower price than the on-demand price. However, these instances can be reclaimed at any time, so the infrastructure has to be prepared accordingly. The main advantage is a saving of up to 90% of the on-demand price.

Partnerships for innovation

For innovative companies like those of the Hitt Group, both in the development and distribution of technology for the tourism industry, relationships with leading service providers are important in the evolution and use of our technological solutions and tools.

Dingus offers a comprehensive solution for the management and booking of hotel reservations for more than 1,200 hotels in 25 countries and 52 destinations, through a 360 platform that accelerates the marketing and distribution of consultancy services, with more than 500 integrations with tour operators around the world, ensuring a wide distribution capacity with maximum efficiency.

Together with Dingus, Etoolinnovation forms the Hitt Group. Its products have a heterogeneous technological foundation born from an innovative activity. Each product is the result of an in-depth market analysis in order to offer the best solutions in terms of functionality and operation. The company’s products are based on its own technological platforms, as a generator of tools for the tourism market.

Amazon Web Services is a “set of remote computing services offered by It provides a high-fidelity, low-cost, scalable infrastructure platform in the cloud that powers hundreds of thousands of businesses in 190 countries around the world”.