The headline is not entirely mine. It is inspired by an article by Nubia Marquez at Tuatara Tech and literally said that “The future is written with a B for Big Data and Business Intelligence”. I have used the idea because at Dingus we think it is a more than accurate statement and one that illustrates very well our own opinion on the subject, as well as the basis of the business model we are setting up.

It is true that some experts include Big Data in a broader concept of BI. On the contrary, others frame business intelligence in a massive data environment. And others bet on giving each of them their own entity. But perhaps in between is the definition that best fits us: complementarity. Two technologies whose advantages and possibilities increase exponentially the better they are combined. On the one hand, by having huge amounts of data, opportunely stored for processing, and on the other, by analyzing them until all the information is extracted to make the best decisions. A kind of cause (the data) and effect (its usefulness), which evolve the generation of knowledge in organizations.

Among the much that has already been written on the subject, we can highlight some interesting facts about how Big Data and BI are impacting the present and, above all, how they will do so in the immediate future:

  • During each second of this 2020, 40,000 searches are made on Google/ on Facebook users share 100 terabytes of data per day and in those same 24 hours, IoT devices generate 5 trillion of them/ Each of us will produce 7 megabytes of information per second
  • 5% of these data are not analyzed, and yet the benefits associated with Big Data will exceed $210 billion and $300 billion this year thanks to the Internet of Things
  • 30% of all ‘digital’ information generated will be stored in the cloud/20 billion devices will be connected and 40 out of 100 data science tasks will be automated

Not only for big corporations

Just as the Internet came to install widespread access to information in our lives, the tools for storing, processing and analyzing it are a cross-cutting opportunity in all sectors. Certainly Big Data technology is linked to businesses in very dynamic environments with a large volume of data, very varied and flowing at great speed. However, BI was practically born with the label “recommended for all types of companies” attached: from a multinational to an SME of any type can benefit from making decisions based on potentially objective elements, such as properly analyzed data.

We are preparing to move to the next level

In order to situate in time what we have been working on in the future of our business model and that of our customers, it is worth noting that in July 2017 the first R&D project was presented to the Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI) that would end up being financed and validated with the seal of Innovative SME for Hitt Group (Dingus and Etoolinnovation). The report of the ‘development of a new technical solution for the analysis, management and centralization of huge amounts of training’ contains all the details of the new product that during all these months we are developing and putting to point to offer to the market.

What we are building is “a large store of uncategorized information and another of categorized data: both will provide a base of information accessible in real time, which supports the part of the project aimed at offering a product ‘pret-a-porter’, as well as enabling the design of own business intelligence projects”.

This platform, which we have called Data Intelligence, has three motivating elements in terms of innovation and in which HITT puts all its know-how to offer a totally new system:

  • Heterogeneity of data sources
  • Real-time análisis
  • Ability to integrate with other existing Business Intelligence or ERP systems

From it, concrete and specific products will emanate to offer a living catalogue, in constant growth, where technology provides a solution to every present and/or future need.  The first result is Data Hotel, and its main objective is simple: to make it easier for the hotel to make the most useful and beneficial decisions thanks to the knowledge about its client.

The first contact with the market, to which Data Hotel will soon arrive in the form of a solid proposal, has already received a very positive evaluation for two fundamental aspects such as its capacity to offer context and historical information in a fast and segmented way, and the fact of having an application based on Business Intelligencie ‘plug&play’.


Following our philosophy of providing a unique added value to our customers, we will continue to meet the requirements of the hotel and tourism sector under the ability to predict and anticipate the most appropriate solutions at all times, in order to reach the first. The incursion in Big Data is the empirical demonstration that we face the digital transformation with products ready to offer immediate value, and increase the sales capacity of our clients.


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