The tourism technology provider is the only Spanish company selected among’s premier partners to participate in its Connectivity Advisory Board. During this year and next year, Dingus® will be part of the board where the ideas, strategies and trends of the travel platform are discussed “to drive growth together and solve the problems faced by Connectivity partners”.

Premier Partner status is only awarded to “the best and most valuable connectivity service providers” for “thanks to superior connection quality“. That status is accredited by Dingus® since 2020, allowing us to “maintain the collaboration between the two at its maximum quality and guarantees for connected hotels” says the CEO of the Mallorca-based company, Jaume Monserrat.

It is worth noting that the Netherlands-based company works with more than 600 suppliers of which “only 10-15% become Premier each year, a reflection – in the words of Eddy Veldhuizen (Senior Director Connectivity Partnerships) – of their excellent performance, quality of service and the hard work they do to make their accommodations (customers) do well. In the case of Dingus® the strategy is “to approach each integration from a business perspective, to ensure that the connectivities in our portfolio are always optimised and geared towards getting the most out of the hotels, and to increase competitiveness by optimising market criteria. The result is an increase in sales of connected hotels”.


First face-to-face meeting of the Connectivity Advisory Board 2023 in Amsterdam celebrates every year a reference event in the Dutch capital where it presents its latest developments and the most important announcements for the industry, bringing together the most relevant companies in the sector with which it works. While the Connectivity & Partnership Manager of Dingus®, Milena Galindo, participated in the different working sessions of Click2023, Jaume Monserrat attended the first face-to-face meeting of the Connectivity Advisory Board, which meets quarterly, both physically and virtually.

The Connectivity Advisory Board focuses on technical and product issues (there is another dedicated to commercial aspects) and is made up of 10 business partners that integrate with from the Americas to Australia.

Strategic partnerships

As Rolf Nijdam (Connectivity Ecosystem and Development) told Dingus® “At our goal will continue to be to make it easier for everyone to search for their unique journey in a more personalised and connected way. Having a platform like the Connectivity Advisory Board, where we can discuss ideas, strategies and trends, is crucial for us and our goal to cover a 360-degree view of the hotel technology industry. We definitely look forward to the future with excitement to continue to grow together with all the members of the Advisory Board”.

For his part, Jaume Monserrat thanks the organisers for counting on Spanish technology for tourism as a benchmark in the projection of the platform for the 21st century traveller, with all the possibilities that we develop for a demanding tourism, aware of the challenges of sustainability and that does not renounce to travel whatever their motivation, from leisure to business, rest or the simple pleasure of discovering different destinations and cultures. Dingus®, for its part, will take advantage of its membership of’s advisory board to incorporate the knowledge of the main players in the tourism industry and improve the value proposition for the hotels that trust us“.


Cristina Torres. Corporate communication and media relations