Concurring with the celebration of the world’s first major tourist event of the year, Fitur, Dingus has had the opportunity to bring to customers, channels and partners our new technology bet for 2018. During the Friends & Connected event, we were able to expose a proposal whose ultimate objective is the development of a platform to manage payments, which meets all the standards and requirements in terms of card security and validation.

BOOK&PAYMENT is prepared to unify the logic of the hotel business with the management of charges, starting from the premise that a good sales management involves the association of the pricing policy with that of payments. That is to say: to adapt the way in which reservations are collected to the type of rates and offer that is being applied at any given time.  For this reason, something that was hitherto unrelated to the commercial management of a hotel becomes a strategic issue.

Why Dingus? Because with Dingus our customers have in a one and only environment the connectivity logic per channel, rates, prices and booking. In this way, they can combine all these variables in detail to increase revenue, optimize the sales processes, reduce the number of no-shows and diversify the collection strategy into multiple channels.

The first step of this project in the form of a product from the Dingus portfolio has been called PCIconnect, and results from the functionality of recovering credit cards from the bookings, sending them over PCI DSS certified methods and technology (the data security standard for the payment card industry) to the collection provider (TPV) for tokenization, storage of card data and sending the result to PMS… all this without interfering in the operation of the sale and management.

We work so that BOOK&PAYMENT provides an effective response to the concern generated by the vulnerability of data against hackers, or any type of breach of their security. That’s also the reason behind PCI DSS requirements, designed to prevent credit card fraud and keep cardholder data secure. But we go one step further, because it is not only the safety of customers that is protected: in hotels that trust Dingus, ensuring that the contact center meets PCI DSS standards means they are protecting the business financially and legally.