• Hitt Group collaborates and participates in the ICEX debate of October 19 in the   business confederation of the Baleares, Caeb.
  • The head of internationalization of Dingus, Cristina Anacabe, will intervene in the debate among exporting SMEs.

Most companies, regardless of their size and the sector in which they operate, can find business opportunities abroad. Do business outside Spain is not something exclusive to big companies. But what is needed ?. First, let the company become aware of this possibility and try to take the appropriate steps, designing strategies and plans to help it in that way…

With this reflection and guidelines, the ICEX (Spain Exports and Investments) has convened with the Confederation of Business Associations of the Balearic Islands the debate “SMEs that sell outside Spain. Can my company?”. At the meeting on October 19, several Majorcan SMEs with a presence in foreign markets, such as Dingus (internationalized in Mexico), will discuss what this transnational expansion has supposed and supposes, the initial steps that were taken, or the difficulties we found.

Our head of internationalization, Cristina Anacabe, will share the debate between exporting SMEs with Álvaro Pineda (manager of Integrated Circuit Málaga) and Juan Velasco (Director of Especias Crespí). The moderator will be the territorial director of commerce in the Balearic Islands, Pedro Morillón. Just before, and on behalf of the ICEX delegation in the islands, Luis Miguel Herrero will intervene with “Reflections on the internationalization of the SME”.

The session in which Hitt Group collaborate and participate will begin at 9.30 in the CAEB premises in Palma (C / Aragón 2015) after the welcome of the secretary general of the organization, Sergio Bertrán. Assistance is free upon registration through the link https://goo.gl/forms/iyAG8zu2dDArNgIe2