It may be a little soon, but this year we want to be the first to wish customers and partners a Merry Christmas 2016. This has already been done by the Dingus and Etooltech staff, coinciding with the transfer to the new offices. The staff of the Hitt group have taken advantage of the opening of the facilities and, above all, the spectacular terraces that are being used as an extension of the company’s offices and meeting rooms in the technology park (Parc Bit).


Precisely on the terraces has been celebrated this year’s Christmas food with catering from Vicky Pulgarín, MasterChef winner who, accompanied by her team of professionals, left us an extraordinary taste and very personalized…


We also had the opportunity to exchange the gifts made in the workshops of the Association of Cerebral Palsy in the Balearic Islands, whose collection has been devoted entirely to the acquisition of an articulated bed for the facilities of Aspace.


So we have fully entered Christmas with a very supportive initiative, good taste in the mouth and some new spaces that represent the business commitment to growth in 2017. We would like to share with you the best wishes!