With the attendance of 200 participants during the two-day congress, the KNX Spain and Domotys Associations have successfully closed the Smart Technology Forum in Palma de Mallorca. The working sessions presented and discussed the most innovative solutions for the tourism sector in general (and the hotel industry in particular) to obtain the highest energy efficiency of the establishments, ensure reliable and secure communication against possible cyber attacks, be at the forefront of the challenges of Hotels 4.0, and offer an enriching experience to customers.

The first day was of an eminently technical nature, with the presentation of the solutions that are already working at full capacity in hotel establishments, as well as the new ways that incorporate the latest technologies available today, in the short and long term. In addition, cybersecurity in the various communications in the hotel sector was also addressed, as well as good practice in delivering all the documentation of a control and automation project when the start-up is over. The second day dealt with the impact of the alternative offer in the hotel sector and how new technologies are being implemented in the so-called Hotels 4.0. Electric vehicles, the Internet of Things (IoT) or cybersecurity were also discussed in this context.

The Smart Technology Forum was supported by Turistec, the cluster chaired by Dingus CEO. Jaume Monserrat opened the second session by pointing out that the ecosystem of companies and professionals of the International Cluster of Information and Communication Technologies applied to Tourism defends “the creation of a network of highly specialized suppliers and their contribution to the value chain, which is essential for the growth and continuous improvement of companies in the tourism and ICT sector”. In relation to the theme of the congress, Monserrat recalled that energy security and efficiency “are two fundamental objectives in which our business environment is very conscious. In addition, the aim of improving the guest experience opens the door for hoteliers to surround themselves with an increasingly broad and specialized environment of stakeholders to whom they can turn, to develop innovation projects that allow them to reach higher levels of profitability and competitiveness.