As brand of reference in technological solutions for the hotel commercialization, Dingus Dingus has dedicated last months in preparing his great event in Mexico.The satisfaction of the company by the degree of knowledge – and recognition – achieved with the challenge of internationalization in 2014, invites us to raise the event in the month of October as something more than an official presentation.

We are convinced that the global hospitality industry needs both services for the current situation, as alternatives to face the future in marketing and sales management. And that today advance the needs of tomorrow only has a secret: knowledge.

But we would not be Dingus if not share it. Our own, through our technological tools and the team of the company, and which possess others, leaving us to advice from experts who know best every aspect to take into account the resort market.

The combination of experiences and trends is our proposal of papers and discussion for the Connected to Sell that we will celebrate on October 9 in the Hotel Riu Caribe Cancun, from 9 in the morning. We will be accompanied by prominent speakers and professional in the field of catering and distribution as PriceTravel, Expedia, and Riu among others… and of course Dingus, a dedicated and committed to 360º sector to ensure its development supplier.